Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Frenchifieded my Sitting Room, Come See!

I am doing a little dance,
 making a little love,
 I'm sittin' down tonight, that's right I'm sitting down tonight!
In my newly upholstered french chair.

If anyone ever tells you that upholstering this type of chair is easy they are L-Y-I-N-G to you!

I must admit I did some yelling, throwing, and swearing while putting the material on plus I hammered my thumb and burned my hand on the iron.

Was it worth it? Hells YA!
Look at this MASTER PIECE...

Oh come on, just admit it you want to sit in it. Let's take a closer look at how I spent the fruits of my labor for the last two nights...

I choose a different material for the back. I like mixing up the patterns, I'm just crazy like that. I also used upholster finishing nails as a detail to the back of the chair.  I almost lost a thumb trying to space them evenly.

I added pretty finishing nails to the sides and...

to the front of the chair.

I thought about painting the wood white but lets face it, in a house with boys that isn't very practical and besides I kind of like the 1940's patina that the chair was already strutin'. 
The before...

The chair was free, the materials cost 40 bucks, and my craftsmanship is priceless. I am putting it to good use (picture courtesy of the hubby).

I think it is working out nicely, don't you?

I am showing this bad boy off everywhere!


  1. What a transformation! Looks great!

  2. Oh yeah! I like it. And I agree, that is hard work.

    Visiting from Southern Hospitality.... thanks for sharing

  3. I had to come check out what you did with that chair. It looks very similar to a rocking chair I own (down to the nasty fabric that was on the back). I love it. Love that you left the legs chippy and scuffed. And love the fabric you chose for it. Well worth the effort.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the fabric, and it looks like a whole new chair compared to the before, not just reupholstered. Definitely worth the effort :)

  5. Goodness -- what a transformation! I really would have passed that 'before' chair right by! Good thing you didn't and I love the fabric choices!

  6. Great Job...huge transformation!! I love the stripe fabric on the back!

  7. Your hard... painful work paid off! It is amazing... like you! Very nice! Thank you for stopping by! Glad you did so I could "meet" you!

  8. Your chair turned out fabulous! I have that fabric on our stair landing for curtains I made! Come on over for Treasure Hunt Thursday sometime. I would love to have ya stop by!:)

  9. You did a beautiful job on recovering this chair! I love the pretty fabrics and the different one on the back! Now rest those little dainty fingers! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. that chair is beautiful! the fabrics are so pretty together- love the different back!

  11. You did a great job! I love the coordinating fabrics!


  12. I wont that chair now! Beautiful work...

  13. Awesome! Come do my chair! lol! I hope you will link up to Scrappy Saturdays linky party @



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